Frequently Asked Questions


457 East Northside Drive, Clinton, MS 39056

601.924.2273 (CARE)

Q: When is tuition due?
A: Tuition is due on Monday and considered late on Tuesday. Accounts are billed every Monday of every week. If payment

has not been  made by Monday, and no previous arrangements have been made, all accounts with a balance will be charged

a $25.00 late fee on Tuesday.

Q: Can I pay at the end of the week?
A: Payments may be made weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, but must be made in advance of services rendered.   

Should an emergency arise causing a parent to be unable to pay tuition at the due time, he/she should call the center

on or before the due date to make arrangements for payments.

Q: Do I have to pay tuition for the days my child is not there/is on vacation/during holidays?
A: Tuition must be paid regardless of attendance.  Tuition is paid the entire year including holidays observed by the center,

and days missed for inclement weather.

Q: What is the process of withdrawing my child from Creative Kids? How much notice must I give? 
A: A two (2) weeks’ notice is required when withdrawing a child from our child care program. If circumstances prevent a

two (2) weeks’ notice from being submitted, the parent will be required to pay the center two weeks tuition in lieu of notice. 

Q: Who do I make my check out to?
A: Checks should be made payable to Creative Kids Childcare Center.  The memo portion of the check should supply the

name of the child.

Q: When can I drop my child off/pick him up?
A: Creative Kids operates during the hours of 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.  If a child is not picked up by 6:00 pm according to the

key pad time, a late charge of $15.00 will be added to the account.  After fifteen minutes, the charge will be an additional

$2.00 per minute.  Should an emergency occur causing a tardy pick-up please, call the center.

Q: Will tuition increase?
A: A thirty day notice will be supplied for the parents of Creative Kids if there is to be an increase in tuition charges.

Q: What are annual fees?
A: Annual registration will be due in August of every year and supplies fees will be due at the beginning of August and January.

Q: What does it cost to sign my child up?
A: A registration fee of $75.00 per child is due during the initial sign up, as well as the beginning of each new school year.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Tuition can be paid via cash, check or credit/debit card.

Q: Can my child bring his/her food or drink to school?
A: No. We are mandated by the Mississippi State Department of Health to not allow any outside food or beverages. All beverages, meals

and snacks are served during school hours. Infants the exception. Bottles must be premade and baby food must be sealed,

never opened.